About 3D Control 

The mission of our company is the support and development of digital production, integration and manufacturing of the advanced 3D technologies within the framework of implementation of Industry 4.0. We use innovative developments of the leading global companies such as Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, the largest Swedish concern of measuring equipment (comprising Leica, Romer, Leitz, DEA, Aicon); SLM Solutions — the company dominating in the field of 3D printing using metal; Photoneo — the company engaged in development of innovative intellectual systems of artificial 3D vision; PolyWorks InnovMetric — the developer of one of the most powerful software for metrology and reverse engineering; 3D Systems, Raplas, LAP Laser etc., as well as own developments, which allow the solution of almost any task. There are no boundaries for us — we introduce 3D technologies in many industries, in different countries around the globe.

3D control of geometry

- supply of checking stations (stationary CMM, laser and optical 3D scanners, measuring arms (portable manipulators), laser trackers (tracking systems), dynamic control systems etc.)
- provision of the geometry quality control services (3D scanning, 3D modelling, 3D measurements etc.)
- developments in the field of quality control automation                                                                                                                                          - repair and after-sales service (in the Russian Federation)

Automation and robotization of production processes

- developments in the field of geometry quality control automation
- standard solutions for quality control automation
- solutions for automation of tool positioning
- automated calibration of industrial robots
automated grading

Technical 3D vision

- supply of artificial 3D vision                                                                                                                                                                          - introduction of breakthrough technology of artificial vision for automatic identification of objects
- bin picking solution (part grading, relocation, machine loading etc.)

3D printing

- supply of 3D printers 
- 3D printing services (fast prototyping)
- 3D printer service

Laser projectors

- supply of laser projection systems, LAP Laser projectors                                                                                                                                               
- provision of one-off item marking services 

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