Examples of performed works

1) High-precision 3D scanning (total scanning error was about 9 µm) of turbo-compressor wheel using  AICON smartSCAN optical scanner — a high-precision mobile checking station. Screen shots from the measurement report are provided below: colour (discrepancy) card as a result of comparison of scanned data (polygonal STL-model, created from the obtained point cloud) with mathematical CAD-model; determination of geometrical elements (diameters and cylindricity) and their mutual alignment (axiality). In addition a part of the measurement datasheet, automatically generated in PolyWorks software, is provided.

2) Measurement and control of geometry of pipes of different configurations (including free bend) and standard sizes with the help of Romer Absolute Arm measuring arm (measurements may also be carried out using a laser scanner, contact or special fork probe). The results are processed in TeZetCAD specialized software providing for such functions as calculation of adjustments for pipe bending machine, determination of bending parameters for pipes with unknown geometry, manual data correction in XYZ or LRA format, pipe editing: reduction, partition, connection, insertion etc.; reverse engineering of finished products. Fully automated pipeline measurement using  AICON TubeInspect specialized station is also available.

3) Car bonnet geometry control by 3D scanning using Romer Absolute Arm 7545 SE measuring arm with integrated 3D laser scanner HP-L-20.8. Spherical operating range - 4.5 m, probe measurement error - 119 um, scanning error - 133 μm, scanning line width - 220 mm. In addition, high-precision measurement of reference points of the bonnet edge with contact method using the probe was performed.

4) Levelling — control of location of levelling points of an aircraft using  Leica AT 960 laser tracker and remote wireless T-Probe in dynamic condition. Spherical operating volume in case of remote probe use up to 60 m, probe measuring accuracy 50 μm + 6 μm/m. The tracker use ensured the levelling time reduction from 2-3 working shifts in case of application of standard tools to 3-4 hours if Leica AT 960 laser tracker is used.

5) Geometry control of large-size metal structure (farm) with the length of about 30 m. High-precision 3D measurements were performed with the help of Leica Absolute Tracker AT 403 (laser tracker, spherical operating volume — 320 m, maximum permissible measurement error — 15 μm + 6 μm/m) and В-Probe (remote probe to control hidden, hard-to-reach points and geometrical elements) with several relocations (repositions) of the device to measure the opposite side of the farm and to keep the uniform coordinate system.

6) 3D scanning with the accuracy of about 6 μm of turbine blades using AICON PrimeScan optical scanner. The results were processed in PolyWorks specialized software module for blade measurement Airfoil Gauge Module, which enables automatic detection of all standard sizes of the blade airfoil such as: inlet angle, installation angle, entry edge and exit edge thickness, maximum length, maximum thickness and many other parameters. The comparison of the obtained scanned data with the blade CAD-model is presented.

7) Real-time deformation analysis of helicopter body (about 10 m in length) under high load (imitation of loading, hard landing etc.) using AICON MoveInspect system. The system allows the control of multiple points simultaneously for the purpose of analysis of deformations and positioning/alignment of parts against each other. In addition, this measuring device ensures dynamic binding, which enables operation in harsh unstable shop-floor conditions. Maximum permissible error of the system is 20 μm + 30 μm/m.

8) High-frequency 3D control of geometry of matrix with the diameter of 2850 mm using  Leica Absolute Tracker AT 403 high-precision laser tracker. High-precision detection of deviations in formlining using the contact method (with the help of spherical mirror-like reflector) by presenting in the report the comparison points from CAD model.

9) 3D digitization of the die by optical scanning using AICON 3D scanner for the purpose of subsequent wear analysis. Scanning was carried out in automatic mode according to the pre-set measurement program. In addition, the openings were controlled to determine the geometrical dimensions and allowances pursuant to ISO GD&T standard.

10) Determination of displacement for subsequent adjustment of the welding jig elements (1.5 m in size) using the Romer Absolute Arm 7530 SI shop-floor, fully mobile (WiFi connection to laptop, battery life 4 hours) measuring arm (with integrated 3D scanner). At present the integrated RS4 3D scanner has the largest production capacity among scanners available in the market, 3D scanning rate 752,000 pts/s, linear resolution (distance between the points) 11 µm. Contact method (probe) measurement error - 58 µm, scanning error - 83 µm, spherical operating volume - 3 m.

11) Automobile door scanning with the error of about 35 µm using AICON stereoSCAN optical scanner with adaptive full-colour illumination function («See what you measure» back projection) with colour and intensity control allowing visualisation of measurement results on the measurement object right after measurement using SWYM technology. Based on image with deviations, the object corrections can be performed at site. This function provides absolutely new opportunities during the working process.

12) Measuring geometry of vacuum chamber casing as well as adjustment and alignment of various geometrical elements using mobile checking station — Leica Tracker AT 403 laser tracker. The work was performed from several positions (by device relocation) while keeping the uniform coordinate system.

13) Tooth wheel control — determination of all characteristics of tooth wheels with external and internal engagement of any configuration (spur, helical, cylindrical, taper etc.) with the help of coordinate measuring machine (CMM)  and specialized software (Quindos, MODUS Gear), evaluating parameters according to requirements of GOST, DIN, ISO, JIS, AGMA, ANSI, CNOMO or CAT standards. The software enables evaluation of the profile modification, helix lead, pitch variation (accumulated pitch error, difference between transverse pitches, consecutive pitches), accumulated pitch error, radial runout etc. Specialized modules include software tools to control the spline tooth wheels with direct and involute engagement according to requirements of DIN 5481 and DIN 5482.

14) Welding jig (gage, testing fixture) alignment in automobile industry for the purpose of further checking and adjustment in real-time mode, setting the basic elements in nominal position. The works were carried out using Leica AT 402 tracker with B-Probe external probe for hard-to-reach points.

15) Geometry control of the die of aircraft drone wing of 8 m in length and comparison of the scan obtained with the nominal mathematical model. The measurement was performed with the help of AICON DPA photogrammetry, which is used to measure large objects for development of an accurate positioning system for subsequent 3D scanning using 3D scanner to obtain the high-resolution point cloud. System accuracy is 5 µm + 20 µm /m.

16) Reverse engineering — the process of high-precision 3D digitization of a real product with the help of 3D scanner and creation (3D modelling) of a rigid-body parametric CAD-model based on the obtained point cloud (scanned data) using Geomagic DesignPolyWorks Modeler and other specialized reverse engineering software with the possibility to export the construction tree into such programs as: SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Creo, Siemens NX, Catia etc.

17) Quality control automation — the station for 100% geometry quality control based on 3D laser scanning, mounted on the welding conveyor of a Russian plant to control the body elements in real-time mode. For the production cycle of less than 1 minute, more than 200 different elements are controlled. The system is based on two Leica AT 901 (upgraded model Leica АТ 960) laser trackers with T-Scan 5 3D laser scanners installed on two robots. Communication of trackers, robotics and external ACS as well as processing of results are ensured by a third-party software specially developed for this purpose.

18) Geometry analysis based on colour card, result of alignment of CAD-model and point cloud, obtained with the help of Romer Absolute Arm 7725 SE measuring arm with HP-L-20.8 attached 3D laser scanner (scanning width of up to 200 mm). Contact probe measurement error - 34 um, scanning error — 46 µm, spherical operating volume — 2.5 m. Further control of geometrical primitives by contact method using Romer Absolute Arm 7512 measuring arm, measurement error — 20 µm.

19) Industrial scanning and analysis of large-size cylinder (length — 19 m, diameter — 30 m) using Surphaser, 3D laser scanner designed for scanning of large-size objects (including industrial buildings etc.). The scanning was performed from several points in order to get the general idea of actual departures from the mathematical model. Total scanning error was about 0.5 mm.


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