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Our expertise in the field of provision of measurement services makes it possible for us to offer the most optimal solutions for the assigned tasks. We provide services in a high-quality and timely manner, using individual approach to each Customer, which, in return, allows for the establishment of long-term partnership with customers. Today we provide high-precision measurements in many manufacturing and industrial sectors: automotive industry, power engineering, machine building, aircraft engineering, metallurgy, ship building etc., and in the field of architecture and arts.

                                                      3D measurement services

3D scanning: 3D control of geometry:
  • composite surface shape control
  • 3D part scanning
  • high-precision scanning of large-size items
  • determination of volume of large tanks and reservoirs
  • high-precision digitization of art objects
  • non-destructive non-contact control
  • virtual scan-based assembly
  • determination of form error and position in section
  • part 3D measurement services
  • alignment and control of planned position of assemblies
  • equipment installation in design position
  • control of welding jigs, joining stands
  • part geometry comparison with CAD-model
  • 3D geometry control of finished products
  • measurement of mutual alignment of assemblies and units
  • comparison of sample geometry with the standard sample
Reverse engineering: Adjustment, alignment, levelling:
  • 3D modelling based on scanned data
  • development of surface and solid models
  • 3D modelling of industrial facilities
  • creation of parametric 3D model
  • development of design documentation for a part
  • introduction of design changes in the prototype
  • computer-based reconstruction of lost parts
  • real-time alignment
  • remote marking of large-size structures
  • determination of position and orientation of different assemblies
  • pivotal axes alignment
  • levelling in aerospace industry, shipbuilding
  • adjustment of welding jigs in automobile industry
  • formation of the set geometry
Measurements over time: Maintenance services:
  • industrial measurements over time
  • high-precision positioning
  • deformation analysis in real-time mode
  • real-time tracing of mobile objects
  • CMM alignment and calibration
  • after-sales service and repair of CMM
  • CMM modernization (retrofit)
  • warranty and post-warranty services

Training, design and presentation

Consultations in 3D metrology: Verification, development of measuring methods:
  • consultations on selection of the corresponding equipment
  • training on equipment and software operation
  • complex measurements
  • testing of high-precision measuring equipment
  • development and certification of measuring techniques
  • CMM integration in production processes
2D design: Free demonstration of CMM:
  • development of drawings based on CAD models and parts
  • digitization of sketches and drawings
  • design and manufacturing of parts and assemblies
  • CMM demonstration at Customer’s enterprise
  • presentation in our office in demo hall
  • exhibitions and conferences, including based on standardization and metrology canters and universities

3D printing swevices

3D printing (fast prototyping): Production based on 3D printing:
  • 3D printing using photopolymers
  • 3D printing using composite powder
  • 3D printing using metal
  • 3D printing using polyamide, ABS and PLA plastic
  • production of engineering prototypes, human figures etc.
  • small-scale production of plastic products
  • stomatological production based on 3D printing
  • 3D printing of jewellery

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